Israel's War in Lebanon

By Arthur J. Goldberg

Eugene Borowitz, September 17, 1982

The author argues that media coverage of the Lebanon War has been largely exaggerated, and that Israel engaged in this war for the purpose of survival.

Topic: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Anti-Zionism, Media, Anti-Israel Sentiment, War, Israel Advocacy, Hasbara

Name of Publication: Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Editor: Borowitz, Eugene B.

Volume/Issue: Vol.12/no.237

Page Number(s): 137-144

Genre: Article

Coverage: Israel , Lebanon

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Goldberg, Arthur J. Israel's War in Lebanon. Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas. Eugene Borowitz. 17 September 1982: 137-144.


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