The Jewish Family Today: An Overview

By Samuel C. Heilman

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, 1984

The author tries to portray several aspects of the contemporary Jewish family (as of 1984). He describe some recent phenomena and their consequences: late marriages, increased intermarriage, a rising number of divorces, reduced fertility, changing parenting patterns, increased life expectancy and the aging Jewish family. There is room for optimism thanks to flourishing Jewish education and cultural outreach programs.

Topic: Parenthood, Intermarriage, Culture, Divorce, Family, Outreach, Marriage, Demography, Aging, Elderly, Fertility

Genre: Article

Coverage: Diaspora , Israel , United States

Identifier: 84-BD-20

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Heilman, Samuel C. The Jewish Family Today: An Overview. Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. 1984:


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