Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-June 1974

By Michael A. Meyer, Marvin Fox, Frank Talmage, Jeffrey H. Tigay, Jacob Katz, Laurence J. Silberstein, Marshall Sklare, Isaiah Friedman, Melvin Scult, Zosa Szajkowski, Moshe Greenberg, Roland E. Murphy, Amos Funkenstein, Michael A. Signer, Stefan C. Reif

Association for Jewish Studies (AJS), June 1974

This edition of the AJS newsletter includes abstracts of conference papers on The Role of Religion in Modem Jewish History and Ancient Hebrew Prayer, a Report on the Penn Conference, book reviews, a review essay on â??Facsimile Editions: Problems and a Proposalâ??, and other association news.

Topic: Conferences and Meetings, History, Meetings and Conferences, Publications, Judaic Studies, Jewish Studies, Scholarship, Academic Research

Name of Publication: AJS Newsletter

Editor: Band, A.J.

Volume/Issue: no.11

Genre: Newsletter

Coverage: United States

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Meyer, Michael A. Fox, Marvin. Talmage, Frank. Tigay, Jeffrey H. Katz, Jacob. Silberstein, Laurence J. Sklare, Marshall. Friedman, Isaiah. Scult, Melvin. Szajkowski, Zosa. Greenberg, Moshe. Murphy, Roland E. Funkenstein, Amos. Signer, Michael A. Reif, Stefan C. Association for Jewish Studies Newsletter-June 1974. AJS Newsletter. Association for Jewish Studies (AJS). June 1974:


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