The Place of Orthodoxy in the State of Israel

By Susan Weiss

Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, Spring 2011

As the head of the Center for Women's Justice, I encounter on a daily basis the intractable entanglement—the “Gordian knot”—of State and (Orthodox) religion in Israel. This union of religion and state supports a gendered society, infringes on the basic rights of women, challenges the democratic values of the State, and threatens to undermine Israel's integrity as the political expression of the Jewish nation.

Using some of the cases that have come my way at CWJ, I will illustrate the above and argue that the place of “Orthodoxy” in Israel should not be within the coercive sphere of the “state,” but within the voluntary sphere of “civil society,” alongside other expressions of Jewishness.

Topic: Body, Human Rights, Gender, Democracy, Orthodox Judaism, Statehood

Name of Publication: Conversations

Volume/Issue: 10

Page Number(s): 112-118

Genre: Article

Coverage: Israel

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Author

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Bibliographic Information:
Weiss, Susan. The Place of Orthodoxy in the State of Israel. Conversations. Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. Spring 2011: 112-118.


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