Trees without Bulldozers: Environmental Justice for the Bedouin

By David Krantz

Aytzim: Ecological Judaism, Green Zionist Alliance (GZA), March 2011

This article describes how the Jewish National Fund (JNF) bulldozes Bedouin villages to make way for new groves of trees. The author, president and chairperson of the board of directors of the Green Zionist Alliance describes his organization's stance that JNF should not be involved in the displacement or evacuation of people, regardless of whether or not they can be considered legally as trespassers. Furthermore, JNF should not plant trees on lands whose ownership is being disputed through the country's judicial system.

Topic: Environment, Bedouins, Jewish Organizations

Genre: Article

Coverage: Negev, Israel

Language: English

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Krantz, David. Trees without Bulldozers: Environmental Justice for the Bedouin. Aytzim: Ecological Judaism,Green Zionist Alliance (GZA). March 2011:


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