Iran's Response: Pressure for Pressure

By Ephraim Kam

Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), March 1, 2012

Iran attempts to decrease the availability of oil in the United States and Europe as a response to pressure asserted by Western nations. Iran's threats serve the purpose of deterring Israeli or US military actions. Kam argues that Iran's threats have little credibility. Iran also attempts to negotiate issues concerning its nuclear program. While Iran does not appear to be willing to change its previous stance on nuclear programming, the possibility for negotiation should not be overlooked.

Topic: Diplomacy, Policy, International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Iran

Name of Publication: INSS Insight

Volume/Issue: No. 318

Genre: Article

Coverage: Iran , United States

Language: English

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Kam, Ephraim. Iran's Response: Pressure for Pressure. INSS Insight. Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). 1 March 2012:


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