Mending the World A Jewish Approach to Social Justice

By Leonard Fein

Commonweal, 1994

Judaism’s tradition of anarchic self-reliance is a central part of the faith, but it is also sometimes a weakness. As a religion with no formal hierarchy other then God and his People, there is no Pastoral organization to help guide like-minded co-religionist towards socially responsible goals. Instead, Jews as a group must be constantly vigilant against personal and community self-interest and energize the latent sense of community and collective conscience of Jews towards the extended family of humankind. As global poverty is one of the largest issues facing the world today, global Jewry will have a unique role to play.

Topic: Tzedakah (Charity), Jewish-Christian Relations, Diaspora Relations, Israel-Diaspora Relations, Charitable Giving, Poverty, Homelessness, Hunger, Discourse and Dialogue

Name of Publication: Commonweal Magazine

Page Number(s): 21-26

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Fein, Leonard. Mending the World A Jewish Approach to Social Justice. Commonweal Magazine. Commonweal. 1994: 21-26.


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