Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2002

By Jackie Levine, Heather Booth, Andrea Kalinowsky, JoAnne Tucker, Cindy Greenberg, Sarah Eisenstein

Ma'yan, Winter 2002

This issue celebrates women's activism. This year's Women of Valor are Emma Goldman, Anna Sokolow and Gertrude Weil. All of these women are passionate activists, although they used different methods to further their chosen causes. Journey also honors current Jewish women activists. Civil rights leaders Jackie Levine and Heather Booth share their thoughts on the aforementioned Women of Valor. Andrea Kalinowsky describes her artwork on Jewish women pioneers. JoAnne Tucker writes about changing Jewish tradition through dance. Cindy Greenberg recommends a hundred ways to work for justice, and Sarah Eisenstein presents a ritual for activists who confront families and friends with different values.

Topic: Civil Rights, Art, Gender, Artistic Expression, Feminism, Activism, Women

Name of Publication: Ma'yan Journey

Editor: Hammer, Jill

Genre: Journal

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Levine, Jackie. Booth, Heather. Kalinowsky, Andrea. Tucker, JoAnne. Greenberg, Cindy. Eisenstein, Sarah. Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2002. Ma'yan Journey. Ma'yan. Winter 2002:


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