Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2003

By Joy Levitt, Bonna Haberman, Marcia Cohn Spiegel, Pnina Galpaz Feller

Ma'yan, Winter 2003

This issue of Journey focuses on masks and what they mean for Jewish women. This issue's Changemaker, Bonna Haberman, speaks about what we can do to unmask criminals who traffic in women. This issue also continues the work of unveiling biblical women, and of telling the truth about trauma in our communities. Part of this issue also explores how masking can help Jewish women further their causes. Rabbi Joy Levitt discusses how masks, even good ones, can leave you ignorant of yourself. Marcia Cohn Spiegel promotes awareness of violence and abuse in Jewish households. Pnina Galpaz Feller explores the role of masks throughout history and in Jewish life. An article from the organization, Jewish Women Watching, explains the power of anonymity and how it can be used to focus on the issues, rather on the individual activists themselves.

Topic: History, Gender, Homosexuality, Feminism, Change, Power, GLBT Issues, Women, Prayer, Violence, Activism, LGBT Issues, Abuse

Name of Publication: Ma'yan Journey

Editor: Hammer, Jill

Genre: Journal

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Levitt, Joy. Haberman, Bonna. Cohn Spiegel, Marcia. Feller, Pnina Galpaz. Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2003. Ma'yan Journey. Ma'yan. Winter 2003:


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