Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2004

By Phyllis Berman, Savina Teubal, Debra Winger, Sandy Warshaw, Judy Marlow

Ma'yan, Winter 2004

This issue of Journey explores Jewish women's thoughts and perceptions about aging in order to create a picture of growing older that is not merely a stereotype. The first section looks at Jewish women's experience of aging - the gifts and challenges, how society views women's aging as opposed to men's. An article by Savina Teubal explains how she faced society's messages about growing older and concocted her own. Two interviews with Debra Winger and Sandy Warshaw explore the realities of aging for women as they confront prejudices and assumptions of a society obsessed with eternal youth. Transitions is the focus of the second section, with an excerpt from Phyllis Berman's essay "Fulfillment in Midlife." Judy Marlow discusses that aging is often accompanied by fear, but it should not be forgotten that aging can bring growth. The third section honors generations, with input from grandmothers about famous grandparenting texts of the Bible.

Topic: Gender, Feminism, Change, Aging, Women, Elderly, Values

Name of Publication: Ma'yan Journey

Editor: Hammer, Jill

Genre: Journal

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Berman, Phyllis. Teubal, Savina. Winger, Debra. Warshaw, Sandy. Marlow, Judy. Ma'yan Journey - Winter 2004. Ma'yan Journey. Ma'yan. Winter 2004:


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