Ma'yan Journey - Fall 2001

By Rona Shapiro, Jill Hammer, Shira Milgrom, Barbara Dobkin, Sarah Graff, Sally Friedman

Ma'yan, Fall 2001

This issue of Journey explores the subject of names and naming following the structure of Rosh Hashana Musaf Service. The first section explores that it means to name God anew. Sarah Graff opens the possibility of using Judaism's myriad names for God while Jill Hammer and Rona Shapiro discuss their thoughts and feelings about feminine God-language. Shira Milgrom shares a personal anecdote that says it all. The second section explores the question of how we remember women's names in history. Jill Hammer writes about archeological discoveries unearthing women's names inscribed on the walls of ancient synagogues. The Lesbian Herstory Archives are highlighted as a changemaker dedicated to identifying and preserving the stores of lesbian women. The third section focuses on the ram's horn sounded on the High Holidays as a means for proclaiming women's names. Sally Friedman writes about the naming ceremony she created for her twins and Barbara Dobkin discusses the power of giving named gifts to charitable causes.

Topic: Theology, History, Gender, Homosexuality, Feminism, Change, Leadership, GLBT Issues, Women, Tzedakah (Charity), Language, Charitable Giving, LGBT Issues, Identity

Name of Publication: Ma'yan Journey

Editor: Shapiro, Rona

Genre: Journal

Language: English

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Shapiro, Rona. Hammer, Jill. Milgrom, Shira. Dobkin, Barbara. Graff, Sarah. Friedman, Sally. Ma'yan Journey - Fall 2001. Ma'yan Journey. Ma'yan. Fall 2001:


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