Toy Story: The $17,500 Birthday Bash

By Andrew Silow-Carroll

CLAL: the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, 2000

After reading about a $17,500 birthday party that one of his children's Jewish classmates recently held in a Toy Store, the author analyzes Jewish values in accordance with the great amount of wealth that many Jewish families possess today. The author asserts that Jewish people work hard for their money, and also give back to the needy through means of tzedakah. Because of this, it is fine to occasionally indulge in one's own wealth. However, those blessed with such an abundant amount of wealth must act responsibly and use it as a means for dignity and justice.

Topic: Ritual, Economy, Values

Name of Publication: CLAL Politics and Policy Archive

Genre: Brief

Coverage: United States

Language: English

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Bibliographic Information:
Silow-Carroll, Andrew. Toy Story: The $17,500 Birthday Bash. CLAL Politics and Policy Archive. CLAL: the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. 2000:


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