Joy and Jeopardy

By Sharon Brous

American Jewish Congress, Fall 2005

I approach my analysis of the future of the Conservative Movement asking: What spiritual message does Judaism offer in an age of poverty, disease and war? What is the relevance of Torah in an American Jewish community that is increasingly characterized by indifference, preoccupied by material acquisition, and no longer looking to the synagogue for community or moral guidance? More broadly, what kind of world do we want our children to grow up in? And what are we, as a community compelled by Torah, bound by halakha, and humbly devoted to the Kadosh Barukh Hu, going to do about it?

Topic: Halakha, Jewish Law, Masorti Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Values, Global Responsibility

Name of Publication: Judaism

Volume/Issue: vol.52/no.215-216

Genre: Article

Coverage: United States

Language: English

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Brous, Sharon. Joy and Jeopardy. Judaism. American Jewish Congress. Fall 2005:


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