The AJC- Ms. Magazine Debacle

By Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Moment Magazine, June 2008

The author discusses the debacle between the American Jewish Congress and Ms. Magazine. In October 2007, Ms. Magazine rejected an advertisement from AJC which pictured three Israeli women-Tzipi Livini (foreign minister and vice prime minister), Dorit Beinish (president of the Supreme Court), and Dalia Itzik (speaker of the Knesset)—over the headline "This is Israel." The author, who happens to be both founding editor of Ms. and a co-founder of the AJC's Commission on Women's Equality, concludes that Ms. was right to reject the ad not just because it was nationalistic but because it violated truth in advertising. She comments that the portrayal of these women as 'representative' of Israeli women in general is misleading.

Topic: Anti-Zionism, Feminism, Media, Anti-Israel Sentiment, Leadership

Name of Publication: Moment Magazine

Editor: Epstein, Nadine

Genre: Opinion

Coverage: Israel , United States

Language: English

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Pogrebin, Letty Cottin. The AJC- Ms. Magazine Debacle. Moment Magazine. Moment Magazine. June 2008:


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