Jewish Women Lag Behind Men in Promotion and Pay

By Jane Eisner, Devra Ferst

Forward Association, November 13, 2009

Despite notable gains for women in the past year, a Forward survey of 75 major American Jewish communal organizations found that fewer than one in six are run by women, and those women are paid 61 cents to every dollar earned by male leaders. The numbers are especially striking when compared with the overall composition of the Jewish communal work force. Women comprise about 75% of those employed by federations, advocacy and social service organizations, and religious and educational institutions, but occupy only 14.3% of the top positions. Of the 11 female leaders identified in this survey, three are in interim roles.

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Volume/Issue: November 13, 2009

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Eisner, Jane. Ferst, Devra. Jewish Women Lag Behind Men in Promotion and Pay. Forward Association. 13 November 2009:


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