Class Divide

By Yehudah Mirsky

Tikvah Fund, November 2010

The world's two largest Jewish communities differ in many ways. Class is one of them. That fact was made painfully clear this week as 4,000 communal professionals, activists, and donors met in New Orleans for the general assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America—at the same time that, in Israel, the National Insurance Institute (equivalent to the U.S. Social Security Administration) issued its annual report on "poverty and social gaps" in the Jewish state.

Topic: Socioeconomic Status, History, Philanthropy and Fundraising, Development, Jewish Federations, Communal Responsibility, Poverty, Ethnicity, Economy, Fundraising and Philanthropy, Values

Genre: Opinion

Coverage: Israel , United States

Language: English

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Mirsky, Yehudah. Class Divide. Tikvah Fund. November 2010:


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