Needed, a Church-State Accommodation

By Seymour Siegel

Eugene Borowitz, October 13, 1978

Responding to Leo Pfeffer's "Church, State, and the Jewish Community", which appears directly before this article in this issue, the author writes strongly in support of public (government) funding for Jewish parochial day schools, and other religious schools. Whether this funding would breach the constitutional separation of religion and state is an open question, he argues. Meanwhile, day schools are vital for Jewish continuity, and America needs strong religious values within its citizenry.

Topic: Religion and State, Advocacy, Day Schools, Education, Community Relations, Social Issues

Name of Publication: Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Editor: Borowitz, Eugene B.

Volume/Issue: Vol.8/no.160

Page Number(s): 187-195

Genre: Article

Coverage: United States

Language: English

Copyright Holder: Publisher

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Bibliographic Information:
Siegel, Seymour. Needed, a Church-State Accommodation. Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas. Eugene Borowitz. 13 October 1978: 187-195.


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